“We spend about a third of our lives sleeping"

Some will think it's too much, and some will

think it's not enough”.

Pr’ Peretz Lavie  a sleep researcher

Western society suffers from constant sleep deprivation.

The causes are many, for example: exposure to screens and artificial light

(television, laptops and mobile phone), damages the biological clock, and

interferes with our natural sleep patterns.

Additionally a fast paced, demanding lifestyle does not facilitate optimal sleep conditions. This leads to chronic sleep deprivation as well as harming the quality sleep.

The problem

The Solution.   

Meet the Perfect Sleep App that helps people improve the conditions for a good night’s sleep, each and every night. The Perfect Sleep App uses data from sleep science research to understand your sleeping patterns and to wake you up at the ideal time, feeling relaxed and refreshed.

A perfect night’s sleep will keep you fresh, alert and energized during the day. Perfect Sleep tracks waking times over days, months, and even years. It helps you understand your heart and lung functioning, and tracks your sleeping cycles. The application triggers reports in cases of repeated snoring, cardiac arrest and other possible sleep problems.

When designing the application, I emphasized in-depth architecture planning based on user stories. The architecture design helped the development process by clarifying how the app works and how it defines, among other things, the navigation menus. Precise architecture helped solve many problems in advance and even prevent them from surfacing during the development process.

I chose a soft tone of purple that associates with the ecosystem of sleep.

I dealt with the interface methodically by creating animations for the transfer of farm use in an optimal manner.

I even managed not to fall asleep during the process....